Why buy new vehicle or motorcycle when you can buy a salvage or repariable one for less then half the price?  In this economy who can even afford a new car!

Save thousands of dollars and buy an already repaired salvaged car, truck or motorcycle.  We provide a free service to find the best deals on repairable motorcycles, cars and trucks to repair on your own to keep or better yet to flip for profit!

Auto-Salvage-Project.com is powered by eBay, the largest auction market in the world.  We bring you only the best deals on salvaged repairable cars and trucks.   Check out the most popular categories or search for that particular salvage vehicle your looking for.


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Auto-Salvage-Project is not just a shop, take full advantage of automotive industry information, salvaged auto shopping guides and repairable vehicle related articles to go along with your buying experience.

In order to bid on any of the sale listings you see listed on this site you will need to have an eBay account. It is very easy and safe to sign-up for an eBay account so take the time and do it now so you can get in on the action and not miss that steal of a deal!! Oh did we forget to mention that signing up to eBay is FREE!